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Joined: 2010-03-07


I'm currently trying to use jax-ws with a web service available on our Microsoft IIS server. The problem I have right now is the web service sends the MOB UFT-8 caracter at the start of it's xml message soap fault. Is there any way to make the xml parser aware of it either ignore or treat it as the XML standard specifies ?

This is quite a blocker for us to use jax-ws. We are currently using axis2 to resolve this problem, but this implies integrating around 20 libs just to use a web service connecter that is already included with java 6 by default.

Anything that can be done to solve this issue ?

My current version is java 6 which is bundled with jax-ws 2.1.5


Richard Lavoie

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Joined: 2010-03-07

Ok, finally found a solution for my problem : use another implementation of stax.

I added woodstox into my classpath, and jax-ws fell back on it as the default xml parser. This solved my issue of BOM as woodstox handles it correctly.

For all of you that have this error, here's a working solution.