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JAX-WS custom HTTP transport

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Hi everybody, including Jitendra,
hope I am not offtopic, but looks like u are the right guys for WS in JDK 6. I have a big issue on implementing custom HTTP transport in jdk 6, for JAX-WS.
Reasons I need to implement:

  • http proxy usage without overwriting DefaultProxy (multiple web services clients in same JVM are accessing direct or via proxy, same time)
  • connect timeout not working in JAX-WS from JDK
  • I MUST catch the HTTP response body (for logging reasons) even if due to an unexpected event, the response is not in SOAP format (maybe a 404 response)

I followed your advice and also and created own transport,
everything works fine under Eclipse, using JDK and my own transport, but when compiling (mvn), I get errors like
package com.sun.istack.internal does not exist
package does not exist
probably due to
Here comes my Q: do you see a solution for implementing custom HTTP transport, and be able to compile ??
Thanks in advance,
Tavi Giurgiu