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JAX-WS client + https server = No workie

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I am trying to access https web service (written in .NET) from Netbeans. It used to work without problems sometimes ago (like Netbeans 6.8/JAX-WS 2.1 or so). Now (2.2), it doesn't work, NB is able to create web service JAX-WSclient without problems, but when accessing web service it says wsdl cannot be accessed -> Game Over. WSDL is accessible using web browser, however. There must be lot of people experiencing this, so I am wondering how can this be broken for so long? I want to trust every site and not mess with "certificates" keygen and all that, just like in previous version.

I guess (wild guess) the problem is that old wsImport had option

XdisableSSLHostnameVerification, current (wsimport2) used by NB dont
have such option.

Thanks for any help,