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JAX-RPC Web Services Problem

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I state that I have little experience in using web services. I am facing this problem. I have to interface with web services "modulo impresa" of ENEL and I downloaded the WSDL file from the download area (there is a Word file that contains the WSDL file that describes the webservice). I added the service reference in the project in NetBeans (6.8), selecting the WSDL file but I get this message:

The WSDL definition contains no operations. A web service client will not be created

I try also to get the WSDL directly from URL, at this address ( but when I add the service reference I get this message:

"Check Output Window for Errors generating JAX-RPC Client. This web service might function for J2EE 1.4 projects"

In the output windows, i see this

Created dir: /home/utente/.netbeans/6.8/config/WebServices/urn:ModImp/jaxrpc/build
Created dir: /home/utente/.netbeans/6.8/config/WebServices/urn:ModImp/jaxrpc/src
Deleting directory /home/utente/.netbeans/6.8/config/WebServices/urn:ModImp/jaxrpc/build
Created dir: /home/utente/.netbeans/6.8/config/WebServices/urn:ModImp/jaxrpc/build
/home/utente/netbeans-6.8/enterprise6/modules/ext/build-ws.xml:117: srcdir "/home/utente/.netbeans/6.8/config/WebServices/urn" does not exist!
ERRORE NELLA COSTRUZIONE (tempo totale: 24 secondi)

I think the problem is that the name of dir .... urn:ModImp ... it is right? what is solution? Take care that ENEL is a giant and will not change his webservice for me!

I've uploaded the WSDL file to dropbox, find it at this link:

You should be able to download

NOTE: this file sent to me by a representative of ENEL, the big company that manages the webservice. But if I go to at the address of the webservice, I get a different WSDL, thing that I can not explain

Thanks in advance :-)