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Is it possible to return an error if an unregonised SOAP Request XML tag is included?

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Hi all,

We have set up a SOAP web service, including both optional and manditory elements which works fine.

But currently, if an extra unwanted tag is included in the SOAP request by the client it is ignored by the server. We would like to return an error message if any extra unrecognised tags are received to make the service as stict as possible.

Here is an example of what we want to be rejected:


<soapenv: Envelope xmls:soapenv="http://..." xmlns:urn="urn:.....">




<!-- Optional Field-->


<!--Manditory Field-->






</soapenv: Envelope>


Basically we are doing this to prevent people from writing typos in their Optional XML tags and not understanding why their additional fields are not being recongised. Since currently server side incorrect fields are silently ignored.

I suspect that it is going to be done during schema validation before the java object is created, possibily a 'strict' property being set...

Can anybody help?