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How to run the Web Service java class to generate my xml file.. after i had marshalled it

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Hello I have created a java web application project in netbeans IDE for travel agency in that, initially I have JAXB Binded the schema, and got my generated classes from it.

And now at present in that project I have created a Web Service from a Java Class, I am trying to Marshall an operation about Flight trip information in to an XML file,

File flightstore = new File("output.xml");
marshaller.marshal(setdetails, flightstore);

in the program to start of I have created a content tree of my trip elements to write it to xml and i have written the marshal code for the content tree

I can successfully marshal and output the xml file only on java application main class, I can run it successfully and generated the xml file using

but if I use a web service java class first thing i cant able to run it, only I can able to deploy it and run the entire project, also i can test the web service, but it is not writing the xml out put.

So my question is how to run and generate the xml file from a web service java class? Instead of not using java main method class.

Thanks i will post complete java code if necessary.