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How to ignore extra WSDL operation when using JAX-WS?

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Joined: 2011-08-12

I'm migrating from Apache Axis2 to JAX-WS and i'm having the following issue:
I have a large WSDL file of size = 140 KB, however my client application invokes only 2 operations, so i removed all the other operations from the WSDL.

I successfully generated the stubs using wsimport on the trimmed WSDL, and i put the original WSDL location in the Service constructor:
MyService stub = new MyService(new URL(<original WSDL location>), new QName(<package>, <MyServiceName>));

when i ran the client, i got the following exception:
The Endpoint validation failed to validate due to the following errors: :: Invalid Endpoint Interface :: :: The operation names in the WSDL portType do not match the method names in the SEI or Web service implementation class.

Because of that, i got the original WSDL again, run wsimport on it, but it fails this time, with this error:
[ERROR] undefined simple or complex type 'soapenc:Array'
line 1086 of file:/root/DecisionControllerWS.wsdl

Googling the error, JAX-WS doesn't support RPC/Encoding.

So i'm stuck here, can't work with the trimmed WSD, can't generate the stubs with the full WSDL!

Any advise? thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2011-08-12

I'm not a WSDL guru, but it seems that the location of the web service implementation is defaulted to the local host in the WSDL:

<port binding="s0:DecisionControllerWSSoapBinding" name="DecisionControllerWS">
<s1:address location="http://localhost:7001/rtds/webservices-adapter/DecisionControllerWS"/>

That's why i put the original WSDL location when i created the service, to point to the web service implementation, Was i wrong? because i found a property which can achieve that for me:

What if i edited the address location in the trimmed WSDL to point to the implementation, and used the default Service constructor to point to the local trimmed WSD file?

Joined: 2011-08-12

Just in case someone has the same issue, I'm gonna answer my question.

Yes, it is possible to specify the wsdl location to a local trimmed WSDL, and use the of the binding provider, To specify the endpoint implementation URL at runtime.