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Tool For Using any .NET library in JAVA or Building JAVA application with WinForms/WPF interface | Feedback Request

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Hello JAVA developers :)

Last week we have released new JAVA > .NET interoperability tool called javOnet.

Javonet is JAVA to .NET bridge that allows you to use any .NET library (created by you or delivered in .NET framework) in your JAVA application without any changes in .NET code - you just need to copy dll to JAVA project or use the one in GAC. You can even create full JAVA application with WinForms or WPF interface!

We are extremely excited about this product and we would like to ask all of you as java developers community to evaluate this solution and provide us any comments, feedback or ideas.

Javonet is free for academic and non-commercial solutions + we offer free 30 days trial for quick start and testing so feel free to download this and build any sample application or test it in your projects.

We would be very grateful for any reviews and feedback, the most valuable reviews or blog articles will be rewarded with attractive gifts!

Coming back to the solution:
Using Javonet .NET objects can be created and utilized directly in JAVA. It includes:

  • instance creation
  • calls to static/instance methods
  • settings/getting static/instance properties and fields
  • subscribing .NET events
  • handling .NET exceptions
  • and almost all other operations that you can do directly in .NET code

Javonet automatically translates JAVA primitive types to .NET so while you are calling .NET method on .NET object - you can pass arguments as JAVA variables like calling java normal method.

The only difference is that .NET operations are performed with reflection semantic so you call methods or use objects providing it's names in strings. However javonet has buit-in mechanism for simple strongly-type wrappers creation so you can wrap reflection calls with regular java object and expose that functionality in your application like it was real JAVA class if you like.

Check our quick start guide to read more how to use javonet in your application:

I strongly encourage you to visit our website, download and try our solution:

We are ready to make this tool even better to meet all your suggestions, ideas and requirements so we can't stand looking forward for your replies!

Please check also our demo video available on our website!