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Signature Line & Import/Export of MathML in ODT Format in .NET & Java Apps

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What's New in this Release?

The long awaited version of Aspose.Words for .NET & Java (11.3.0) has been released. The release of Aspose.Words 11.3.0 provides 127 fixes and new features. A signature line is a special object found in Microsoft Word documents in the drawing layer. The signature line can be interacted with and provides an easy way for the end user to add a digital signature to the document. Signature lines are now fully supported in the model and this feature is retained when converting between flow formats such as DOCX, RTF, and WML with the exception of DOC format which will follow shortly. MathML is the language used to describe mathematical and scientific equations in OpenOffice documents. Aspose.Words now supports import and export of MathML in ODT format and preserves almost all equations during round-trip. OfficeMath Equations are now preserved when saving to Non-OOXML formats in this new release. This is the first version of OfficeMath rendering and we are proud to say that most features are supported. The list of most notable new and improved features in this release are listed below