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Problems faced with migrating from hyperjaxb2 to hyperjaxb3

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Hi All,

I don't know if this is the right place to put the problem which I have been facing.
Basically I am in the process of migrating my old product which was using (Jaxb1 and hyperjaxb2) to Jaxb2 and hyperjaxb3(version 0.5.5).

Problems faced by me is that with the ant build script. In the previous version we use to do something like this

Where my hyperjaxb2.config.xml contains bean configuration.
However in hyperjaxb3 I don't see this support.It's something like given below

How do I pass such configuration?
Secondly even if I do something like this
which is the default argument, my ant script generates the annotated classes but not the implemented classes which earlier used to get generated because of hyperjaxb2.

It would be very great full if anybody can help me out.