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POJO Jenerator

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Joined: 2010-12-07

I want to introduce POJO Jenerator, a code generator I've built over 10 years of Java web development. I have been using it exclusively for my own development, and it has saved me immeasurable amounts of time and frustration.

I've also found it to be a very useful teaching tool for bringing new developers up to speed in how to architect and construct a Java web-app.

In brief, you specify the name and attributes of an object, and POJO Jenerator will create for you:

- A DDL statement to create your database table
- A JavaBean class to represent rows in the table
- A full-CRUD, native JDBC persistence layer (DAO pattern class) with support for transactions - A full-CRUD, working web-based AJAX GUI prototype
- I've recently added support for enumerations as well
Check it out here: What Is POJOJenerator?
(It's totally free.)

I'd be interested in feedback from those who actually try it out and play with the generated code.

I'm also interested in extending the tool to generate code for GWT, and possibly other platforms.

Please contact me: if interested.