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Netbeans fail to start bundle Glassfish

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Joined: 2006-07-02

Hi, I am using netbean 7.0.1 . First worked on WIN 7 , now I am moved on WIN XP PC, and installed the same netbeans software (same installer) .

But on xp pc netbeans cant success start glassfish server ,even if this server start normally if I use asadmin command .

Help, thanks

PS any log file in domain1 folder !

any reply ?

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Joined: 2011-12-31

Same installer? Was the neabeans/glassfish bundle for Win64 or Win32? If you downloaded Win64 for Windows7, then Win64 is not going to work on WinXP, since Win XP = Win32bit. Download Windows 32bit version of Netbeans and glassfish.