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Need to reduce the size of a pdf to A4 from landscape

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Joined: 2011-04-20

We are creating jasper reports in our project. After creating the report, we have to append some attachments(pdfs) to the report. Sometimes the attachments are in landscape format. They need to be changed to portriat without changing the alignment of the text in it. I mean the content of that attachment should not rotate. We are using iText Api to read and merge the files, but not getting any idea about how to shrink the pdf.
Any ideas would defeinitely help us..

Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2011-04-26

If you want to reduce your PDF physical size for easy printing, you can try A-PDF Page Master. This software is professional on managing PDF pages, such as resize, add, move, delete, insert, combine, copy pages etc..Convert A3 to A4, you just need to choose "Pages->Resize...->Custom Size->A4", then your page size will be changed into A4 as quickly as possible.

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