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Learning EE

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Joined: 2012-07-04

Good night everybody,

I'm looking for information about Enterprise Application, and there is a lot of it. But, I've got some questions:

1. Eclipse vs Netbeans? With Netbeans, I tried to do the wiki sample, and I can't do it. I've always the same error. On the other hand, with Eclipse (without plugins), there's a lot of work to do.

2. Glass Fish/Tomcat? My application would be such us: A MySQL BBDD, with about 50 clients;

3. Hibernate / Axis...

My example:

My last 'project' was in Eclipse:

- Create Enterprise Application
- Create Dynamic Web Project
- Create JPA Project (link with the Mysql succcessful); obtain entities from tables.

My problems were with Hibernate configuration, JSP, WebServices, WebService Client, beans,...

Any full example, with Eclipse and GlassFish??

Thank you a lot.