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jtharness having problems loading JUnitSuperTestFinder or JUnitAnnotationTestFinder

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Joined: 2013-04-07


I am trying to use jtharness to put a front end on my collection of JUnit4 tests.

I've read the section in the JavaTest Harness Architect

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Joined: 2013-04-07

I tried this:

JUnit 4.x style tests do not use a specific superclass, rather, they tag
classes with the org.junit.Test annotation. The name="ProductName"
content="JavaTest Harness"?> harness library jt-junit.jar provides the
class com.sun.javatest.junit.JUnitAnnotationTestFinder to find 4.x style
tests. It operates much like the JUnitSuperTestFinder class, but looks for
different criteria

... but using JUnitAnnotationTestFinder gave me the same - the testsuite still doesn't load

I've checked that my JUnit4 tests have @Before, @Test, @After tags in the code