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JAXB 2.0 doesn't generate setters for LISTs or arrays that I need for Spring

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Joined: 2004-05-25

I am trying to use JAXB to generate the required setters for Spring beans. Although according to the book Java & XML Data Binding
by Brett McLaughlin it was poosible with DTD's using
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xml-java-binding-schema version="1.0-ea">
<options package="javajaxb.generated.movies"
default-reference-collection-type="array" />
<element name="movies" type="class" root="true"/>
to generate an array as in
public Movie[] getMovie( ) {
// implementation
public void setMovie(Movie[] _Movie) {
it doesn't look like that capability exists with JAXB 2.0 and XML Schemas. In their wisdom they just generate getters on Lists and tell you:
* This accessor method returns a reference to the live list,
* not a snapshot. Therefore any modification you make to the
* returned list will be present inside the JAXB object.
* This is why there is not a <CODE>set</CODE> method for the filingForm property.
* <p>
* For example, to add a new item, do as follows:
* <pre>
* getFilingForm().add(newItem);
* </pre>

Of course this doesn't work for Spring injection where setters are needed.

Does anyone know different or is there a way of getting around this ?

I've tried constructor injection in Spring but it's not as convenient and involves extensive coding of generated code (not nice).

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Joined: 2004-05-25

Oh I found it on this post
collectionType="indexed" in the globalBindings-tag
it works in schema internal global bindings as well

<jaxb:globalBindings collectionType="indexed" >