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[JAVA SWING] Problem visualize Jframe contents during the execution of an ActionPerformed

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Hi guys,

I'm new on the forum and i hope to be in the right section.
I'm already sorry for the bad english i will use: i hope you will understand the question.

I have a problem. :)

I have a Jframe "MAIN: with a Jbutton "START" which is related to an action.
The action should create a new JFrame "SECOND" with a Jmenu, a text Area showing a particular String and, after that, execute a procedure "LISTEN" which will monitor a directory.

The problem is that the program creates the Frame "SECOND" , but i cannot see and interact with the contents as long the procedure "LISTEN" is not terminated.
Considering that the procedure never ends without any signal.

How can I fix it?
Because i would like to have the Frame "SECOND" with an "Exit" Button in a "File" Jmenu in order to send a signal and interrupt the procedure LISTEN and eventually terminate the program.

Thank you in advance for the patience and the help.



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Joined: 2012-03-29

hey put this procedure call in another thread. and start this thread on listen i think ur problem can be solved.