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Java log viewer - OtrosLogViewer

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Joined: 2012-09-18

Hi. I'have creted opens source (apache license) log viewer
Main features are:

  • Loading logs from remote servers using ftp, sftp, ssh, samba and others (supported file systems)
  • Tailing logs from local disk and sftp
  • Decompressing "gziped" logs on the fly
  • Parsing custom log patterns
  • Log events searching using regular expression
  • Log filters
  • Pluginable log filters
  • Log highlightings
  • Automatic log highlightings based on string match, regular expression or custom Java code
  • Pluginable log details formatters and colorizers (i.e. SOAP message)
  • Pluginable log highlightings
  • Pluginable log parsers
  • Listening on a socket
  • Adding notes to log event
  • Saving/loading log investigation (with added marks and notes)

JDK logging formats and Log4j XmlLayout are supported. Additionally custom log pattern can be defined.

This youtube video show how to connect to Log4j socket hub appender and SOAP formatting looks like.

OtrosLogViewer screenshot