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Java Code Review Tools

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Joined: 2012-02-18

I need to use a tool to review code in my project. I am using the Eclipse IDE (Helios) along with maven. Our company follows specific coding standards. E.g: all public methods should have a showOnUI annotation. Therefore the review tool used should be customizable. I should be able to define my own rules. I have been doing some reading, and it seems like Sonar might do the job for me. Are there any other tools available and has anyone used sonar before?

I am new code reviewing please do help :(

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Joined: 2012-03-02
  • Jupiter - seems like it's been around for awhile it looks like there is only a single developer on the project and the documentation mentions rather old versions of Eclipse
  • IBM Collaborative Code Review plugin for eclipse - seems like its a proprietary code review tool so not sure it will be supported in the future (or have the ability for a community to assist in development).
  • Eclipse COLA real-time shared editing - Not really a code review tool but more a way to view/edit files peer-to-peer style allowing code review like collaboration. Check out this video demonstration of COLA.