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Incorrect setup...please help

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Joined: 2012-06-05

I just installed glassfish and eclipse. I clicked "run" in eclipse to see if everything is good. it pops the following:

GlassFish v3 requires a JDK 1.6 and not a JRE. Please add/select the correct JDK in the Server properties 'Runtime Environment' section.

how should I fix it?

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Joined: 2012-04-08

I was facing same problems, but this worked for me:
1. Open Eclipse
2. Select 'Help -> Install New Software'
3. Add as a new repository
Save and apply changes. Please note the use of 'https' in the URL.

Joined: 2012-06-16

I just hve the same question with you ~~~~~

Joined: 2012-06-05

go to eclipse > preference > java > installed jre
add a jdk folder
second click server > runtime environment
edit > jre > select a newly added jdk

Joined: 2009-03-23

The difference between a JDK and a JRE is that a JDK can compile java,
and a JRE can just run Java.

The value of JAVA_HOME may be pointing to a JRE instead of a JDK.

Joined: 2012-06-05

Could you point me to the variable JAVA_HOME? is it in the Eclipse or somewhere else in windows?
I didn't find in System Properties in My Computer nor in eclipse.