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IDE support for Java 1.4

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I'm comparing IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, xCode, Netbeans and JCreator on Macs. Which of these support the Java 2 SDK version 1.4 as a target VM? I don't care if the IDE itself needs a later VM to run. I'll be distributing a downloadable game (yes, really), so the JRE must be small (i.e., < v1.5), and the IDE needs to be able to run my app under 1.4 during development.

I know I could download them all and check, but I hoped someone here might know. Thanks for any help!

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Eclipse supports Java2 SDK version 1.4. NetBeans supports greater than 1.4 versions of Java SDK.

So you use Eclipse 3.2/3.1 which fully supports Java SDK 1.4