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Facelets View Building and Caching

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Joined: 2011-08-26

Hi, I'm currently using Facelets 1.1.15 on my JSF/Richfaces/Seam project and having a performance issue. For every ajax request I'm seeing that facelets is rebuilding the entire component tree in addition to rendering the view. In richfaces tags I'm using reRender attribute so only a small part of the page should be reRendered. The issue is we have a page with hundreds of fields and it takes several seconds to build and render initially, which is ok. We have designed all tasks within the page to be partial page updates, however each task still takes a long time to complete which we are finding is all facelets component tree build time. Can somone please explain to me if facelets needs to build the entire component tree for every small ajax request or something is wrong with out setup? Also any insight into how facelets caches views would be helpful, this has been hard to find any docs or examples on how this works and what parameters are available in web.xml to influence it. The below links are questions I've asked to the various other framework teams, and no one has given an answer (links have more details to my setup):

Any insight into this problem woudl be grealty appreciated.

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I am not sure but can we skipp falcelete validation while building app?