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Best tools for unified java+xml and sql db?

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Hi Folks,
We are developing our first large Java app which will have an sql database backend. The app will need to exchange data via xml due to the nature of the client implementations.
We are trying to decide the best tool and model to use which will provide the following:
1) Take a data model defined in some format (XML, Ecode, etc) and auto generate Java classes and XML (using JAXB is fine if we can get the generator to create XSD).
2) Take the data model and sync an SQL schema with the database (MySQL to start with, but later will support MS SQL and Oracle DB).
We are considering Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). There is mention of being able to persist to SQL but we haven't found any specifics on this. This is frankly our biggest question on EMF right now.
We also have our own in-house code generator from an older project. It doesn't do any SQL, but we could fix that with some work. It also falls short in many areas vs. EMF especially with notification of changes.
Suggestions and feedback would be most welcomed.