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wsimport optimization: Maven build can be made faster without wsimport at build time ?

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I have built a client for calling a webservice. I use the jaxws-maven-plugin to generate the client stubs.
I am able to do a jenkins build and run the client to invoke the web service successfully.

1) Is it possible that
a) I use wsimport and generate the stubs (by running a mvn command manually on my local machine)
b) It generates the source files that I manually checkin into my SVN.
c) When jenkins/hudson does a build, it does not call wsimport goal.
(This will help in having a shorter build time)
2) Is it a good approach ? Do you see any major drawbacks with using this approach?

i.e. the build process is a bit slow because the source stubs are generated during the build time.
Imagine if there are 15 such modules that are to be built in my multi-module project.
Also, it reduces the chances of having permgen (out of memory ) issue.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Attached is the relevant part of my pom.xml, just for reference