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wsdl2java and xmldsig - avoid generation of classes (mapping)

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I have a web service that use the Signature element from XMLdsig. Namely, I have the following request to the service (an element that is a sequence that contains an element that is a ds:Signature element):

When I use the wsdl2java tool, it generates all the classes related to ds:Signature. However, for the processing of the ds:Signature I'm using a cryptographic library. Then, my question is which is the best approach to use it with the library?

I have been thinking in two posibilities: 1) Once that in the function I have the object with the classes generated with wsdl2java, then to transform it to XML and then parse it with my library. The problem of this is that I do not know if this will make some transformation that makes the signature invalid. 2) To make some mapping of ds:Signature to a DOM element, but then, how should I change the wsdl so that the function receives a DOM object or similar?

What do you think?

Could you be so kind of helping me, please?

Best regards