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Where is the jsessionid cookie?

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I'm new to the Metro WS world (and web in general) so please forgive me if my question is a trivial one.

I developed a couple of services. I managed to deploy them on Jetty using the jax-ws ri Spring integration support (with the WSSpringServlet).

I'm using the http transport.

It works fine except that I want to manage some session state, and for this I need the session cookie (jsessionid) to be set.

But for some reason I can't make this cookie to be set, though it suppose to be Jetty's default behaviour. Btw, with Glassfish the result is the same - no session cookie.

Am I missing something in my configuration? Is it an expected behavior of the WSSpringServlet?

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see this article to see how to work with sessions in JAX-WS:

regarding Spring configuration you would have to search Spring docs.