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[WARNING] unknown extensibility element or attribute "JAXWS" with jaxws-tools 2.2.7 and higher - regression?

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I've recently changed my maven project in order to use the latest version of the wsimport tool:


When I generate the Java artifacts, I have the following warning:
[WARNING] unknown extensibility element or attribute "JAXWS" (in namespace "")

Please note that I'm using some jaxws customization files.

If I specify an older version of jaxws-tools in my POM, the warning disappear:


The problem appears again with the version 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 of jaxws-tools.

Is it a known regression ?

Snapshot of the jaxws customization file:

<jaxws:bindings wsdlLocation="../wsdl/services/system/access/management/SystemAccessManagementPort.wsdl"
    <jaxws:bindings node="wsdl:definitions/wsdl:portType/wsdl:operation/wsdl:fault[@name='accessDeniedFault']">
        <jaxws:class name="com.oce.wave.sei.api.faults.AccessDeniedFault"/>