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Using Woodstox with JAXB

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I am using JAXB to parse a RSS feed generated by a web server. I noticed that the performance of my application with regards to parsing the RSS feed was not very good. I heard that using Woodstox might speed up JAXB. Supposedly, just dropping Woodstox JAR (wstx-asl-3.2.9.jar) in the classpath will make it possible for JAXB to start using it. I have tried this in my environment, but haven't seen any increase in performance. I am wondering if it is possible to assess that JAXB is really using Woodstox. Can I invoke any method to verify that the system is using the Woodstok JAR?

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I'd say the best way would be to run with -Djaxp.debug=true which then
lists all JAXP init info and there you should see the factories being
picked up,