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retrieve wsdl location ...

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Joined: 2008-07-24

I have a client side stub, with a wsdl location annotation pointing to a server wsdl (which makes sense). The server wsdl is something like: https://server.domain/etc. This client side stub has been generated with wsimport.
How can i get that string from this java source file, which has been created with wsimport?
I've tried stuff like this:

<br />
// this is my generated stub<br />
ClientService cs = new ClientService();<br />
(Service(cs)).getWSDLDocumentLocation().toString();<br />

Or even:

<br />
((WebServiceClient)cs).wsdlLocation();<br />

It was my assumption that since the code was compiled and generated that it should be pretty strait forward to ask for some object to get that value?

thank you for any thoughts,

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Joined: 2008-07-24

In reply to this:

When calling:

ClientService cs = new ClientService()
in the above scenario an exception is thrown, which provides the location of the wsdl. 
By catching the exception, and parsing e.getMessage() one is able to retrieve the wsdl location -

Unfortunately, I can't find a method that actually retrieves the WSDL location without parsing the exception -