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Metro and jsr173_api.jar vs stax.jar

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We just tried to install metro 2.1 on tomcat 6.0.35 and it failed. One thing I'm seeing in the metro-on-tomcat.xml files is several references to jsr173_api.jar however no such file exists in the current download. However, stax-api.jar does exist. Should metro-on-tomcat.xml be changed to reference stax-api.jar in place of jsr173_api.jar ? Should that be the only change required?



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Actually, when running on JDK6 you don't need that file at all - the apis are already included in JDK. For Metro 2.2 and further I'll fix it by removing the jsr173 / stax-api references since metro 2.2 and > does not support jdk5. Thanks for catching this.