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Many classes for the same general schema

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I'm going to work with a web service that has the same schema for all types. Each type looks like this:

<Entity type="Type name">
  <Field name="Name of the field">
    <Value>Value of the field as string</Value>
  <Field name="another field">

There are various types that I would like to use in java as regular object, e.g.

class A {
  Integer number;
  String string;

How could I use JAXB to create specific object from XML depending on Entity type attribute and create XML from specific objects?

Best regards

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Hi Michal

I'm not 100% on your case here however I have a feeling your looking for a similar thing to me which is JAXBsupport for XML Schemas with conditional properties. This exists in XML Schema 1.1 however whether JAXB supports at any version (or if planned) this I don't know. I created a question for this recently and it may be worth following this thread as well in case any responses occur.


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