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JAX-WS WSDL validation from client

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When my WS client instantiates the generated Service class (, it uses (by default) the URL used during wsimport to obtain the WSDL. Now we do not want to link to the original wsdl (development instance) from our production environment, so we use catalog to redirect the to WSDL stored within the war file. Now we are considering to use the Service constructor which accepts the url and pass a 'null' as this seems to be valid approach (e.g. Now I have several questions to this:
- Is there some documentation regarding the WSDL validations?
- Is validation the only reason the Service class needs the WSDL?
- Does the validation happen only when Service constructor is called or will it happen later during getPort method (when actual url is already known)?
- If validation is really bypassed if to the Service constructor, does it mean that if the actual WS implementation removes some WebMethod from its interface, the client will still work (as long as it is not invoking the method)?

Thank you.