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JAX-WS and Java Web Start applications

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As I'm sure most everybody is aware, there is an issue with using JAX-WS web services from a Java Web Start application talking to a glassfish server. Now to me, using Java Web Start to launch an application that uses jaxws to talk back to the app server seems like a very natural thing to do, so I can't believe this doesn't get more attention.

I know the work around of getting the webservices-api.jar and putting it in your jre/lib/endorsed directory. That's great and all but not something I want to ask a user to do.

I have also been able to run those same applications using the appclient method, again not something a user should have to do.

So basically it boils down to this question:

Is using Java Web Start to launch applications that use web services to talk back to the server really this broken?

If Java Web Start determines that it needs some version of JAX-WS from glassfish in order to run then it should be able to do it. Look, I understand the technical and security problems surrounding this, but hasn't this been a problem for years now?
I just upgraded to Java SE 6u24, glassfish 3.1 and I have the exact same problem I always see. Some issue with the web services unless I put the webservices-api.jar in the endorsed directory.

Does anyone have a solution, yet? PLEASE, someone tell me there is a better solution. I just cannot believe this is still this broken.

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Joined: 2003-06-30

The web service class that causes all the trouble declares that it throws some custom exceptions.

In the generated client code, these get turned into @WebFaults.

It is on these @WebFaults that the java web start version of the application is crashing. I removed all of the throws and converted everything into throwing an unchecked RuntimeException and everything works. So it seems that there may be a bug in how those @WebFaults are handled by the class loading in java web start, but not with jax-ws and java web start in general.