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JAX-WS 2.2.* BUG with Content-type having action paramter as Mandatory

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As per the SOAP1.2 specification as mentioned in the link , it states that the 'action' parameter is an OPTIONAL one and one can skip that parameter while making a SOAP1.2 call although it was a mandatory in SOAP1.1.

But the JAX-WS apis are making it a Mandatory although if we dont provide the action value in the SOAP1.2 wsdl

In JAX-WS api ->

In the following logic
//If a non-"" soapAction is specified, wsa:action the SOAPAction
if(method.getInputAction() != null && !method.getBinding().getSOAPAction().equals("") ) {
this.soapAction = method.getInputAction();
} else {
this.soapAction = method.getBinding().getSOAPAction();

It is making the SoapAction mandatory although if we dont give a soapAction value and this soapAction is being used in appending the action parameter to the Content-type. Thus for a very sensitive servers where the Content-type(s) information is very critical this appending of 'action' parameter is causing it to fail.

Thus for the above reason(s), I am sure that this is a serious bug in the JAX-WS api which must be taken into consideration.

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Joined: 2011-09-28

Posted the issue as Bug in the JAX-WS Issue Tracker