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How to get wsimport to generate code that validates schema?

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We all come at this stuff from a different direction. I have a java server application that communicates via SOAP. Actually it has either web page output, or JSON output, or SOAP. It has a few WSDLs that I constructed myself. It uses some XMLSchema types and this is all working.

I use wsimport to generate sources for accessing the application. This is working.

I want, however, for the client to do some validation. It does not have to validate my custom types. But if a method expects an integer parameter and is given "hello", it seems that making the client smart enough to see the problem should not be impossible.

Is there a flag on wsimport? Do I need to put something in my WSDL? These are the only two inputs to my client generation process, so I am not sure how else to have this happen.

Any suggestions?

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