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How to customize the JAXWS mapping of an SOAP operation whose name is reserved in Java

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I'm trying to compile a wsdl from a partner with JAX-WS 2.2.6 embedded in GlassFish and get the following compilation error:

 [wsimport] [ERROR] Invalid operation "Void", it's java reserved word, can't generate java method. Use customization to change the operation name.

So I tried to map this operation name to another Java method name via a custom JAXWS binding file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<jaxws:bindings xmlns:jaxws=""

  <jaxws:bindings node="wsdl:definitions/wsdl:binding[@name='BasicHttpBinding_BasicOperations']/wsdl:operation[@name='Void']">
    <jaxws:method name="voidTx"/>


but it doesn't seem to recognize this method element:

 [wsimport] [ERROR] invalid extension element: "jaxws:method" (in namespace "")

I'm a bit at loss as this is the correct namespace and is exactly as documented in section of

It's not an xpath issue as if I alter the node, then I get another error that the "XPath evaluation results in an empty target node".

Any idea? Thanks!

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Joined: 2010-03-11

Instead of customize the binding/operation, try change the customization target node to be the portType operation as the following example: Service Endpoint Interface Methods

wsimport will generate a method named add instead of the default addNumbers in this example:

<!-- wsdl:portType operation customization -->
<bindings       node="wsdl:definitions/wsdl:portType[@name='AddNumbersImpl']/wsdl:operation[@name='addNumbers']">
    <!-- change java method name from addNumbers() to add() -->
    <method name="add">
        <javadoc>Adds the numbers</javadoc>