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distributed transactions in standalone tomcat/spring app

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i have a SOAP service running successfully in tomcat. adding @Transactional to this service results in a NullPointerException during tomcat startup. this is due to the fact that TransactionManagerImpl is expecting TransactionManager and TransactionSynchronizationRegistry objects to be bound within a JNDI context. in an attempt to cobble together a working version of all this, i have run out of curse words. children and small animals no longer make eye contact. i am in jeopardy of being cast out of my own home. i recently came across a 5 yr old post that suggests it's not even possible to run distributed txn's using metro within a tomcat instance/cluster. can anyone please verify:

1) it's possible to run atomic, distributed transactions utilizing metro in a standalone tomcat env.

2) if 1 is in fact possible, figuring out the JNDI piece puts me near the end of this fantastic ordeal (or maybe a link to a working example).