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Different behaviour of metro web service client on different systems

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We have installed a jax-ws (metro 2.1) web service on two different systems (both windows server 2007) and client is setup on windows xp (these are also 2 different machines). Service is deployed on web sphere 7.0
On one of the system if web service is down or web sphere is down and client tries to call service function it comes back with connection refuse exception.
But on the other system it comes back with connection timeout exception, this connection timeout exception occurs after the timeout is complete so control comes back to client after 1-2 mins but in the former case control comes back immediately because of connection refuse exception.
I want to know what should be the expected behavior at client side if service is down, should it get connection refuse or connection timeout exception?
Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated here.
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the behaviour should be same if the reason is same

- you get connection refused if the server is not accepting tcp connections - for example tomcat/glassfish is down;

- connection timeout, on the other hand, points to some network problem (proxy settings, incorrect host name ... ) - the host is unreachable at all for the client.



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Thanks for responding Miran, On the system where we are getting connection timeout, we have just shutdown the websphere but that system was up and running and client machine was able to resolve the server machine IP so there is no netwrok problem as far as i understand. Yes the network is a bit lousy.

On the other system where we are getting connection refuse, we have tried the same thing but network is better on that system.

Both the systems are in completely different networks.