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Client-Side WSIT Configuration Files

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I wrote a metro client using Username/password credentials to access an oracle webservice. The client was generated using wsimport. I created the wsit-client.xml that imports a Service.xml file. When I run the client using a debugging, the SOAP Header is missing and the security credentials are missing:

Here is the request
java -cp .:/home/workspace/lib/metro20/*:/home/workspace/lib/thirdparty/log4j-1.2.8.jar:/home/workspace/Saip_SnapShot_Requestor/build/META-INF/wsit-client.xml

The xml-request.txt that is being sent is attached.

You will note the wsit files are located in the META-INF directory according to the documentation. I have attached the wsit-client.xml and the appropriate parts of the Service.xml file. Any insights are appreciated. Why dont I see the message the wsit-client.xml is being loaded? I know that is part of the problem.

wsit-client.txt541 bytes
ReadCourseManagementService.txt4.82 KB
xml-request.txt573 bytes