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Can I use the Metro framework and still stream XML?

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I noticed that the Metro framework uses Woodstox so theoretically it will use streaming XML. I wonder if it only uses this internally as the framework itself seems very high level, i.e. generate classes, get DOM-like objects from methods. For our purposes this is really not adequate as we simply cannot load all objects into memory. Is there a way to use Metro and all the high level convenience like WS-Security, but still stream the response? Googling for this makes me think this is impossible but surely other people will need to stream data?

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Joined: 2005-10-10

I noticed that when metro is used with java web start versus by itself with java
it does not always find the proxy. I am suspecting that in corp env Metro can
fail completely.
So the question is how does metro detect the proxy?? Why is java web start
better? Could it be it does not work with scripts that might be used by IT for
setting the browser proxy?