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What in Glassfish corresponds to a Weblogic bridge?

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Joined: 2010-09-09

Hi all,
We are converting from Weblogic to Glassfish.
In our Weblogic setup we have a bridge between JMS-queues in two different Weblogic domains; the messages only flow from the first domain to the second, not in the opposite direction.
How should one implement this in Glassfish?
In the message-producing domain there are 4 nodes; in the current Weblogic setup the bridge is connected to a queue on one of the nodes to which the other nodes also write their messages.
How is the most secure way to configure this in Glassfish. For example in the current Weblogic, if the node with the queue is down, the other nodes can not send their messages.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Kind regards,
Bård Tørustad

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Joined: 2006-01-18

we replaced Weblogic Messaging Bridges with GF external-jndi-resources.
In our case the producer is responsible for error-handling and for retries.

Joined: 2010-09-09

Thank you for your response makiey!
We would like the second domain to fetch messages from the queue(s) in the first domain. Ie, the producers' only responsibility is to put their messages on the queues.
The second domain is an inhouse application for which we do not have 24-hour support whereas the first domain is running at an ISPs with 24-hour support. The first domain (where the producers are) should not have to know about the second domain. It should be running regardless of whether the second domain is up or down.
This is all achieved by using the bridge in Weblogic; the bridge being defined in the second domain.
So we could define the JMS-queue(s) as external-jndi-resources in the second domain and have an MDB reading the messages and route them to a queue in the second domain, thus emulating a bridge.
Thanks and regards,