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Web service wants to enlist in XA transaction

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We're getting this exception in our GF 2.1 session bean trying to invoke a web service to another GF instance.

WSTX-AT-0004: while registering ATCoordinator as an XAResource, received exception 'Local transaction already has 1 non-XA Resource: cannot add more resources. '
Unknown exception in upsertDirectAccount WSTX-AT-0022: Registration with durable parent failed: ' coordId=uuid:WSCOOR-SUN-871e8009-ca26-4531-8ef4-80dfe6e8639c partId:1 '

Pretty clear that the system is trying to add the web service call to our transaction, but can't because we don't really use XA transactions in our system.

The web service it's calling it another Session Bean (on a separate server). The web service over there is simply annotated with @WebService on the Session Bean, and @WebMethod on the actual method.

The client is a pretty generic wsimport generated client. This is all "out of the box, default configuration" kind of stuff.

In NetBeans, if I right click on the web services in the "Web Services" section of the EJB project, and "Edit Web Service Attributes", it shows that all of my methods are marked as "Transaction not supported".

My question is, since in this case the transaction processing isn't really interesting to us, how can I make the web service (either the client, or the session bean hosting it, or the invocation) skip the transaction?