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Updating expired SSL certificate on Glassfish.

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We were trying to "Update" expired SSL certificate on glassfish server to enable new certificate.

We have followed the steps given in following link.

But still whenever we try to open the link using HTTPS we are getting error of expired certificate. Can anyone guide us where we are going wrong.? or what else needs to be done apart from the steps given in the link.


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Joined: 2006-08-24

Those steps given on that page typically work. If I were in your shoes, my next step would be to verify that the cert and CA are in the keystore as you'd expect, and that you're using the new alias name.

I found this page useful when it comes to verifying with keytool -

Joined: 2014-04-21

Thanks for your reply petenelson, we will look at the link you provided. Hopefully, we will be able to make some progress.

We have followed the steps in this link ( At present, we have imported the certificates correctly into keystore.jks but when we try to update domain.xml to read the newly imported certificate, the glassfish server becomes inaccessible and all applications deployed on it stops working.
We have to revert to the original domain.xml to make the applications accessible.
Anybody has faced such problem before? Any help will be greatly appreciated.