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Unexpected end of file from server error (timeout?)

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My glassfish web service is working perfectly, except for the last part where I kick off a weather model run. About 2 minutes into the model run, I get this message:

[#|2013-07-24T12:31:51.766-0600|WARNING|oracle-glassfish3.1||_ThreadID=280;_ThreadName=Thread-2;|StandardWrapperValve[WrfServlet]: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet WrfServlet threw exception Unexpected end of file from server

When I call the operation it blocks, as expected, but then after about 2 minutes I
see the operation called again. So, two calls to the implementation, 2 minutes apart, but only one call from the client (I triple-checked the client and server code).

In poking around the web for insight on this, there is mention of upping the idle wait time. The only thing I can find is in "domain.xml" and "idle-thread-timeout-seconds" for different thread pools. I upped the value for the http-thread and thread-pool but no luck. Do I need to change the admin-thread value?

If anyone out there has any insight I'd be obliged. TIA.