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Undeploy on Glassfish causes connection pool to be no more usable

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I'm working on a grails 2.2.1 project running on glassfish, using a jndi pooled datasource connected to a postgres 9.2 database.
When I deploy for the first time the application, I have no issues, everything works fine.

But, everytime I undeploy (or redeploy) my application, my connection pool stops working.
If I try to ping using glassfish admin console, I get this error :

Avertissement: RAR8054: Exception while creating an unpooled [test] connection for pool [ sample ], Connection could not be allocated because: No suitable driver found for jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/sample?loginTimeout=0&socketTimeout=0&prepareThreshold=5&unknownLength=2147483647&loglevel=0&tcpkeepalive=false
Grave: RestResponse.getResponse() donne FAILURE. endpoint = http://localhost:4848/management/domain/resources/ping-connection-pool.json ; attrs = {id=sample}'

I repeat : my connection pool works fine when I deploy (I have the postgresql driver in "/glassfish/lib", my connection pool is correctly configured, etc.), it's only when I undeploy that I have troubles.
This bug is highly reproductible, I even did a small grails project that reproduces the problem, you only need to have to configure a jndi datasource connected to a "sample" database (jndi/sample) on your glassfish server.

Here is the github link :
And the war :
and the domains.xml file:

On grails side, my connection to the pool is configured this way:

environments {
    production {
        dataSource {
            dbCreate = "create-drop"
            jndiName = "jdbc/sample"

I think this bug is severe, since it kills a connection pool that can be shared amongst other webapps or ears.
For information, I did a bit of research, sensing it might be some sort of class unloader associated with undeployment, I found log4j that could be linked to this problem, so I tryed :
but it didn't help.
Last point : in fact, postgresql driver is fully unloaded, so that other connection pools using postgresql driver are not usable after an undeploy.

Link to same issue in Glassfish's Jira:

Link to same issue in Grails Mailing List:

Please help.
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