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Unable to get details from SharePoint Proxy after deployment on Glassfish Server

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I have created one Java REST web service and in that I created proxy of SharePoint 2013 to get List details. I developed this using NetBeans IDE.

Issue I am facing is strange issue.

I performed below steps and call the method, I got response from SharePoint but no data.

1. Started Glassfish Server using asadmin command
2. Deployed the Web Service and call the method

Then, I performed below steps and call the method, I got the response with the required data.

1. Stop the glassfish server.
2. Started it using Netbeans IDE
3. Redeployed the web service and call the method.

Can anyone please tell me why is this happening ? As on Production instance there is no Netbeans IDE

Thanks & Regards,
Ajay Sharma

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Unfortunately this is quite vague. Can you kindly outline specific steps to reproduce the problem?