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Timer problem with @Scehdule

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I have an Issue with Glassfish v3 and my scheduled tasks.

There seams to be a gost process rerunning tasks, even after redeploy and restart of the server. I can se this because I am running reports in the morning and now they come double, one in the old format and one with the extra field that I have added. This indicats some kind of gost thread still wanting to run.

I managed to make a small application that reads the timerpool and it shows the correct amount of timers and nothing looks to be an extra one in the timer database. SO I suspect there is some thread hanging somewhere and that does not seam to want to go away even after restart. It there any disk management of scheduled timers?

Is there a way to check or get rid of this kind of problem.


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There might have been a bug in v3 (but 3.1 should work correctly for sure) when the timers were not deleted properly on undeploy. On server restart those timers won't start because there will be no bean ID to match.