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Struts 1.3.10 and GlassfishV3

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I am new in the Glassfish world.
I have to migrate an old application from JBoss 5 to Glassfish 3.

Currently, I can't refactor the code and change the libraries used (it will be done in a second time). The JPA and EJB parts are OK but I have problems with Struts!
Indeed, the application use Struts 1 (it's not a joke) and I have ClassLoader problems to integrate it.

I tried to copy struts dependencies in the domain1/lib/applibs, but Struts couldn't load classes from my ear.
Then I copy Struts libraries in my web-app libs directory and I upadted my glassfish-web.xml to set classloader delegation to false but it doesn't work!

Has anyone an idea? Solution?