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Strange injection exception

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Joined: 2003-08-04

We're noticing a strange injection exception and I was wondering if someone
else on the list had seen this before.

The log snippet:

Caused by: com.sun.enterprise.container.common.spi.util.InjectionException:
Exception attempting to inject Local ejb-ref name=ejb/UserInfoManager,Local
3.x interface =com.jenzabar.ngp.batch.job.api.JobScheduler resolved to
intra-app EJB JobSchedulerBean in module
into class com.jenzabar.ngp.session.jaxrs.UserInfoResource: Can not set
com.jenzabar.ngp.session.api.UserInfoManager field
com.jenzabar.ngp.session.jaxrs.UserInfoResource.userManager to $Proxy179

A couple of things here:

1. The field that is trying to be set looks like this:

@EJB(name = "ejb/UserInfoManager")
private UserInfoManager userManager;

2. JobSchedulerBean is in no way shape or form type-assignable to
UserInfoManager. Why is it showing up in this message?

3. There are no deployment descriptors in play here.

Am I misreading this log message?