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Strange behavior for connection factory pool-size config

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Hi there,
I'm quite new in j2ee world and I've got a configuration problem with my MDBs.
We're using Glassfish 3.2.1 and ActiveMQ 5.6.0 for our JMS queues (not topic, just queue).
We have deployed into Glassfish an Enterprise application containing 3 MDBs connected to 3 different JMS queues.

Each queue has the following configuration (from Glassfish admin console):
- intial-pool-size: 8
- max-pool-size: 32
- resize-quantity: 8

also we added the same configuration into the sun-ejb.xml file into the METADATA project folder.

To check its behavior, each MDB has got:
1) a static int variable (counter)
2) a constructor where we increment the static counter and display its value into a log

When we test the system with a huge amount of messages (20-30 msg per second) we have noticed that our MDBs aren't able to process messages at the same speed we put them into the queues, so from the ActiveMQ web interface we see an increment of "queued messages" for each queue.

Checking the log, I find that counters of each MDB don't exceed 10 while my expectation is to find 32 for each of them.

Please, could you help me ?

Thanks in advance and excuse me for my bad english